Monday, April 14, 2014

One Week From Today....

Miles today: 5 mile hill work out
Miles in 2014: 430.98 miles

Tri season has started and we had tons of friends kicking ass already. Congrats to everyone who raced this weekend! My weekend started out with some insanely good Vietnamese food Friday (seriously if you are in SW Florida Saigon Noodle will rock your face off) and ended with a slightly rainy humid evening run Sunday night.
Can't complain. In between those, I ran from our house to Larry's office at 5AM on Saturday. They are on opposite sides of town and seem like they are so far away, but just over a perfect 8 miles. I also helped out at the first annual Glitter Run, which was a raging success. Over 300 people ran, many for the very first time. Super awesome event and so proud of everyone who ran 3 miles for the first time (and looking awesome in their tutus)!!!

Tonight's workout was fueled by strawberry cupcakes and house music. It was like 2004 all over again. 
More importantly, we are one week away from the Boston Marathon! It is one of the biggest days in the running world. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the bombings, which makes this year all the more meaningful. I read the latest Runner's World Boston Marathon edition cover to cover this weekend and watched Shalane Flanagan last night on 60 Minutes. She came in fourth last year in her debut Boston marathon. All of Boston and the country will be cheering her on next week to win the whole thing. 

I wish more than anything I could be in Boston this week. Especially because we have a number of close friends running. One of my favorite people, and closest friends is running on Monday and raising money for an amazing cause. 
The money she is raising goes to the American Medical Athletic Association, which is a division of American Running Association. These associations "are united in efforts to deter youth obesity in the U.S. and promote higher levels of physical activity for school-age youth. Donations made to ARA and AMAA's Youth Fitness Fund will benefit national RUN A MILE DAYS, held annually in May. Funds will support distribution of free materials such as the 8-week walk/run training schedule and posters, as well as help with onsite activities during the week-long event. To learn more about the program, go to"

Becky is soooo close to her goal. Please consider donating even a few dollars to help her reach her goal and fight childhood obesity. You can donate here!
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Silent Sunday - Watching Shalane Flanagan on 60 Minutes!

Miles today: 3.0 miles AM, 5.12 miles PM
Miles yesterday: 8.04 miles
Miles in 2014: 425.98 miles

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Girls on the Run Buddy Practice!

Miles today: 5.06 miles, AM. 4.0 miles hill repeats
Miles yesterday: 3 (ish) GOTR practice
Miles Tuesday: 5.03 miles
Miles Monday: 3.11 miles, (plus a mile or so walk)
Miles Sunday: 60 minute yoga class and a 3 mile walk
Miles in 2014: 409.82 miles

Phew. That was a lot of days to catch up on. This week has been a little broken up but awesome. Tuesday's run was brutally humid, but the sunrise was totally worth it.
Yesterday was our Girls on the Run practice when all the running buddies go to the girls' practice and run a practice 5K. (For more info on Girls on the Run click here and here) We have all been exchanging weekly emails and it was a blast to finally meet our buddies! Mine was quite the little runner and did an amazing job of running the entire time! We stopped for water at the end of every mile, but other than that, she cruised through the entire workout. Pretty awesome for an eleven year old, who has never run that far before!! So proud! 
We talked about what she had learned from the program so far and what her other interests are. I was thrilled to hear she loves running and plans on joining cross country and track in middle school. Starting them young! I was a little nervous starting out, but I really had a great time and got to laugh a lot. Now I just have to keep up with her at the real 5K celebration in May!  

Also for anyone in the SW Florida area, the first annual Glitter Run 5K will be Saturday at 8 AM at the Vineyards. Here is the info! Would love to see you out there and all glitttery (uh, is that even a word??)!!
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Change of Plans

Miles today: 17.1 miles
Miles in 2014: 389.02 miles

So, I am not in the Keys right now. And sadly I did not run the 7 Mile Bridge Run. Circumstances prevented everyone in our group from going, and at the last minute I decided not to drive the 4hour drive to Marathon by myself. Not that I didn't seriously, SERIOUSLY consider it. 

Instead I stayed at home and last minute registered for the Run for the Music 10K. Check out my recap here. I have run this race numerous times, and it is always a good time. Even better, I knew I could get my long run in today and sleep in tomorrow. 

I woke up well before 5 and hit the road so I could get at least 10 in before the race started at 7:30AM. I headed south for a few miles and then north with a pit stop at my parent's. I started heading towards the race, trying to get every bridge in. Thanks to Leigh for registering me and grabbing my number and shirt!!

I got to the race about 15 minutes before the start. 
Unfortunately, I was still under 9 miles at this point. Anyway, they played the national anthem live and then started the race promptly at 7:30. It was a great turn out and I started at pretty much the same pace I had been running all morning. I settled in and enjoyed being with all the runners and seeing so many friends kicking ass.

Those miles flew by and before I knew it, we were turning around. Luckily I saw my good friend Natalia at a water stand around mile 4. She insisted on taking a pic since I stopped to chat and take down some gummy bears. (those cheeks are full of gummy bears- not cute)
I continued running until I saw another friend, Kimmi and ran to give her a quick sweaty hug.
So happy at mile 15 (mile 5 of the race)!! I am not even sure of my finishing time since I wasn't racing, but I was at 15.65 miles at the finish. Which was not going to fly for a 16 miles day. Thanks to Dave who went out for another post race run, to finish up just over 17 miles. 

Last long run before the Big Sur Marathon done and done! Looking forward to a little rest and tapering for the next couple weeks! 

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Larry!

Miles today: 4.04 miles
Miles yesterday: 7.07 miles
Miles in 2014: 371.92 miles

Happy Birthday to my favoritest running partner of life, Larry!
So hot he is.
In honor of his birthday, I ate a bunch of cupcakes and cookies. He had some too. 
We have celebrating to do, but tomorrow I have news about big change of plans for the next few days. In the mean time, yesterday's sunset run.

Happy Almost Friday!

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