Wednesday, November 28, 2012

5 days and counting...

Miles today: resting

I had a dream last night. I flew all the way across the country for the Rock 'n Roll Marathon in Vegas and totally forgot my shoes and sports bras. In the dream I borrowed a bunch of clothes from friends and tried to find a used pair of "my shoes". 'Cause that would happen. Makes sense. Obviously, I woke up and began packing. Pretty sure I won't be forgetting these puppies.

Can't wait to run marathon #2 in my Newtons!
Unfortunately, I didn't get to use them today. My achilles has been feeling weird. Not hurting exactly but uncomfortable. I took an extra day off and went to see my friendly physical therapist.

Hello weird camera angle. Smile for the camera Mom! 
PT extraordinaire. The leg is already feeling better! Thanks Mom :)

I had big plans for this amazing dinner that I had created a recipe for. Salmon and quinoa cakes on sauteed shredded brussel sprouts. Phenomenal idea in theory. The shredded brussel sprouts were delish. The cakes are another story. They didn't taste bad, but the texture was not the amazingness had envisioned. I also ran out of fresh herbs, so the sauce was not how I usually make it. Regardless, it looked kinda pretty....

I will post the recipe when after it has been tweaked and doesn't suck. Larry did eat the whole thing though. That is true love.   

This is also true love:

Between no run and a failed dinner recipe, this was the highlight of my afternoon. (Is that sad?) You should try it. It's amazing. Even straight out of the jar with a spoon.

I'm hoping the second highlight of my day will be winning $500,000,000 in powerball. If I win I am going to take all 10 of you reading this on a 'round the world cruise! Wish me luck!!