Thursday, November 15, 2012

All good things...

Miles today: 3.0 miles, relaxed and easy. no watch. 

Last night was a little later night than usual. Both Larry and I had meetings and then a Holiday party (which we never actually made it to, due to the meetings...) We were both exhausted, hungry, and maybe just a little grouchy. But all grouchiness dissolved into thin air when we saw a wonderful little package waiting for us.

Hello deliciousness

Ahhhhh... my favorite day of the month. WINE SHIPMENT DAY! We recently took a trip to Napa and discovered a bunch of amazing vineyards. We joined a couple wine clubs to keep the memories alive and the booze flowing. Joining was one of the best decisions. God knows I love getting anything in the mail, and it's cheaper than going to the store. This shipment is from Louis Martini Vineyard and it isn't sold anywhere in Naples. I definitely recommend their Gnarly Vine Zinfandel. Yum.

I defrosted a Vegetable Curry I made thanks to this girl. I don't eat meat (well, most of the time anyway- more on that at a later date) but even Larry really liked this veggie dish. It's awesome. (more importantly, super healthy and lo-cal) And most importantly, it went well with our Cabernet.

This picture does not do this curry justice. It tastes so much better than it looks and you should make immediately it if you like curry!

Today I had time to run over and have lunch at Larry's office. Everyone that works over there is super nice and they have way better snacks than my office. 


    And last of all, the biggest news of the day: THE NEW H&M OPENS TODAY! 

Obviously, you know where I will be immediately after work!