Friday, November 30, 2012

Exactly 48 hours left.

And I cannot stand it!! I have 2 hours and 4 patients left until I can leave work. I am DYING over here. How is this weekend here already (and at the same time, not here yet)??? I am freeeeeaaaaking out. I am this little bundle of crazed, excited, nervous energy and I can't handle having to sit at work right now. We will be in Vegas TOMORROW. I am so pumped. Did I mention I am excited? HOLY CRAP can 5pm just get here?!?!

I will (hopefully) be posting from Vegas, if my IPad is cooperating with me. Before we leave, I just want to say a couple of well wishes and thank yous. First and foremost, my awesome running and non-running friends. Ya'll have put up with my verbal (and FB) vomit about running, and training, and eating for months now. I really (really) appreciate all your support. I love you all and thank you for listening to me even if you got totally bored and irritated. 


Thank you to my family, especially my mom. she gets to hear about every ache and pain that I experience and has stayed at work late to treat my knees, legs, hips, etc. I couldn't do it without you!            

Also, GOOD LUCK and KICK ASS to my Ragnar teammate running the California International Marathon this weekend and our friends who will be dominating the Key West Triathlon!

Above all, thanks to my bestest running partner.

He puts up with all my crap and insanity 24/7. There is no one else I would rather annoy on a daily basis. I am so glad I get to spend hours running with you!

Oh, how marathons bring out the mushiness (is that a word?) in me. I will probably cry some happy tears on Sunday. We as runners, are so damn lucky to have the health and ability to come together and race together. Something to keep in mind every minute of each mile. Enough sap. See you in Vegas, baby!