Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Miles today: 8.0 miles, 1:21min, outside after sunset

Not a clue what I am doing but getting started nonetheless! I have been thinking about this blog for months on long and short runs, when things were going great and when runs were long and painful. I am so excited to get started!

2 loops around Venetian bay

With the time change, I know there will be more pre-sunrise and post-sunset runs, which is fine. Tonight was my last long(ish) midweek run before the Rock n' Roll Marathon. (AKA marathon #2) It went well other than the fact that I almost starved to death. Did not eat nearly enough earlier today and nothing before I ran other than some Dove chocolates. No bueno. Normally, I don't take a gu with me on an 8 miler. Poor choice today. And let me tell you, going to the grocery with a growling stomach after a run is a bad idea. This is what happens:

Strawberry cupcake yumminess

So delish and so worth it. Thank you Fresh Market! Happy election day!