Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fueling up

Miles today: headed out for a 3 miler after work

Oh hello lunch.

When I am not stuffing my face with sushi from the restaurant next to my office, I really do try to make an effort and make myself lunch most days. I would say I have about a 75% success rate. I find I eat so much healthier all day when I have left overs from dinner the night before or a homemade lunch. When that doesn't happen, I am all about Amy's Burritos. They are my favorite vegetarian frozen lunches (and sometimes snacks). In fact, Larry and I usually try to sneak them out of the house and stockpile them in our offices, just in case. Can you buy these in bulk?! He loves the southwestern burrito. I am a big fan of the black bean. I will even eat them mid afternoon, if I know I am going to run long after work. 

In addition to chowing down on a cheddar cheese burrito today, I went to get energy gels for the race this weekend during my lunch. 

Stocking up!

Some people have cookie jars, we have a gel jar. I am VERY opinionated over gels/GU's/etc. Mostly because so many of them make me gag. Literally. I have tried a bunch of the GU flavors with little success. They are too thick and I have yet to find a flavor I like. Dessert wise, I am all about some chocolate and vanilla. Running wise, I need light and fruity. But really only strawberry or citrus. (Selective taste buds?) These Cliff Shots actually taste really good. They are light and taste similar to Sprite. Unfortunately, they are very thick, like the GU's. It can be a mental challenge for me to get them down, but I'm getting better. I also like the Shot Bloks. I usually get the orange or strawberry flavor, but they were out today. They are a little annoying to carry but I like them mid-race. My very favorite mid-run energy source is:
PowerBar knocked it out of the park with these babies. The consistency is so much more fluid and the tangerine is very tolerable. (which is saying a lot in my opinion!) And yay for extra caffeine!  If I could have nothing else on long runs, this would be it. The strawberry-banana flavor would be my second choice, but tangerine wins by a long shot. 

The cycling store where I usually load up on them was out today. Sad face. I am now keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the running store by our house will have a bunch to stock up on. Or at least 3 for the race. One more thing to mark off on my packing list! 4 days left!!

Can't wait!