Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holy food hangover - Thanksgiving recap

Miles today: 0, rest day, paddleboarding all afternoon

I think I am still full from yesterday. What a great Thanksgiving! Wednesday night we met friends for dinner and drinks on the (a bartender told us this) 3rd biggest drinking night of the year. I would not say it was our 3rd biggest drinking day of the year, but we held our own. Maybe not the best decision before a race...

Thanks to my friend Shannon for making two great running dresses!! Love them!
So thanks to the numerous cocktails last night, we were not feeling 100% for the Gobble Gobble race. I am a firm believer that if you wake up feeling a little rough, a run will eliminate the hangover. It works. Trust me.

I was so lucky to have my friend, Aimee, in town from California. She is training for a half Ironman early next year. (Baller!) I was so grateful we ran together. She is faster and definitely made the race less painful for me. We had a great time and I am so happy we had the opportunity to catch up and share the race together!

My awesome friend, Aimee
When I have time after work, I love to run with a local training group. Leapfrog Running is such a good group. I have never had anyone tell me how to run. What a difference. If you ever have the opportunity to have some coaching, do it. Little tweaks to form and breathing can and do help tremendously. Matt (the turkey) is head of Leapfrog. And he looks good in a turkey costume!

Us with another running friend, Bob. Pre race.
Onto the meal. Thanksgiving dinner was at my parents' house. My mom  and Larry's mom are ridiculous when it comes to Thanksgiving food. (In a good way)  Dad is well known for his smoked ham. They are legendary. Needless to say, we all ate our faces off and it was amazing. I am not pregnant, but I wish I could have had maternity pants (Joey Tribiani style) for the meal.

Puppy Thanksgiving!!
After gorging ourselves at my parents, we went to our friend's house. So proud of the 4 boys who made this perfectly smoked turkey. And yes, we totally ate with them for Thanksgiving dinner times two.

We got home around 11PM and decided we should finish off the day with a little sparkling wine from our Napa trip.

Black Friday should be known as just Recovery. We were not among the crazies that were shopping at 5AM.