Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I get by with a little help from my friends...

Miles today: 5.0 miles at 5:45AM

I never used to run with anyone. (other than my mom who used to regularly go faster than me...) Total running loner. I think I was always nervous that people were faster than me and was scared I couldn't keep up. I was ridiculously wrong. Running with friends, running groups, and especially other runners was awesome! I got more motivated and faster. (Shout out to Gulf Coast Runners!)  

Which brings me to this morning. Alarm at 5:25AM. God no. Sometimes mornings are just not my thing. I was crabby, sleepy, and in no mood to run. Everyone has those mornings, right? It would have been SO easy to hit snooze and sleep until 7. Fortunately my favorite morning running buddy was on her way over. Julia is running a half the same day I am doing RNRVegas and has been great company on the dark early morning runs. (The hubs generally is not a morning person, um ever) Honestly, I felt crabby and slow the first couple of miles. Hopefully it didn't it show too much. We chatted about the cancelled NYC Marathon (she ran last year and I would love to run it in the future) and about our long runs and the uncomfortable-ness of tapering. Suddenly the sun was coming up and we were almost home. All that tired, grouchiness faded away and like always, I was so happy to have someone to share the morning run with.

Loudermilk park at sunrise

I mean seriously? There is nothing I love more than a sunrise and some palm trees. Would I have been pissed if I slept through that! And we returned home to this face:

Morning sunshine!
Not a bad start to Wednesday...