Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I love you Garmin, but you are getting me down....

Miles today: 5.19

Before I really started training for my first marathon, I was really lackadaisical about tracking my time or pace. I ran for fun and relaxation. (um, and to avoid a double chin) I had an old sports watch from 100 years ago that would keep time and that's about it. I wore it at races and forgot about it the rest of the time. Earlier this year, my awesome husband surprised me with a new Garmin. Clearly, I have been way behind the times, 'cause that thing is awesome and how have I survived not knowing all that info?! So back to this morning. Julia and I were on our early 5 miler and catching up on all the gossip from the weekend. I apparently can't talk without flailing my arms mid run and my watch went flying. THANK GOD I caught it before it smashed into what I would imagine would be 1000 pieces. Originally I thought it just came unclasped but when I looked, it came apart where the wristband attaches to the face. Amazingly, the little pin was still attached. So Julia and I stop running and started frantically looking for the other half of the wristband, which was no where to be found. We looked for a few minutes until - duh - it was still clasped to the other half. Hello blonde moment. We laughed and finished our run. Yet another reason to get out early. No one will witness you running around the street like a moron. 
Glad this happened on a short run and not during a race. Now to get this sucker fixed asap. 

This is how cute we are at 6 AM after a 5 miler. (Minus the visor from an un-named team, whose coach may or may not have a soul...) Bailey pictures in the morning are probably preferable....