Monday, November 12, 2012

Last Long Run

Miles: 22.0, 3:45

Saturday was our last long run before the marathon. I decided before we started training that I wanted to get over 20 miles in training, so the goal was 22 miles. Friday night was a season kick-off event for Naples Juniors (it's like Junior League). The dirty martini and dinner of apps probably was not exactly great "training food" but that just means if I actually eat a normal dinner, I'll be even faster, right??

So 4AM. Anyone else have trouble eating that early? I was literally gagging on my oatmeal and raisin cliff bar. (it's either the cliff bars or zone cookie dough bars in the morning) Cliff bars are usually my go- to pre run food, but not Saturday.

Fave workout nourishment (The GU brand is Larry's - GU also makes me gag. Loudly. In public.
The first couple miles were not the best, but the weather was great and my stomach settled down around mile 7. We had planned our route basically around water fountains and restrooms. Pretty standard. Miles 8 through 15-16 flew by. I took down gels at miles 7 and 15. Sometimes we are very chatty but both Larry and I wanted to keep a decent pace and didn't talk much. I love running with him during those times. We are silent but right together and running in sync. Those are the moments I cherish about training together. And then mile 19 happened. I was exhausted, our planned route was shorter according to my garmin, and Larry was trying to encourage me. Sometimes I can see myself being crazy but just can't control it. Seriously. I got a little cray, snapped at him, and then didn't say another word the rest of the run. We got to our house at mile 21 and then ran another mile around the 'hood. Despite my minor bout of insanity, I felt pretty good finishing and had decent negative splits. Totally stoked for that 26.2 in a couple weeks!

The rest of Saturday was great thanks to scary (let's be honest- lucky) Gator homecoming game and a romantical Saturday night date night.

Gator gameday dress
Best part of getting the long run done Saturday - sleeping in on Sunday. 

Thanks to this girl, sleeping in is 8AM. But who could be mad at that face?