Sunday, November 18, 2012

Long Run Saturday

Miles today: rest day (instead I was forced to do yard work all morning)
Miles Saturday: 12.01 miles, 2:00:16

I could blame it on the cocktails the night before.

Larry and I at the Gulf Coast Runners social
I could blame it on the extra speed workout during the week. Or the run that I took on my "rest" day. The light wind? The extra spicy sushi the night before? Everyone has good runs and bad runs. I am not going to say that the run yesterday was a bad run. It was a very hard run. I struggled. A lot. My 22 miler last week may have been easier. (and faster) I know everyone has runs like this. I know I have bad days, but when you are in the midst of it, the frustration can be overwhelming. And it is all so mental. Well, I know I can be a little mental, anyway. Or a lot.

From mile 4 on, every step seemed to be more effort than the last. I stopped to refil my water bottle. I stopped to take a powerade gel. I prayed. I tried to think about how lucky I was to run in such a beautiful place on such a beautiful morning. Fail. It was such an effort. Every little thing was irritating. Thank god I was running with our Saturday group and for Larry and our other running friends. I finished the 12 miles and although it was slower than I hoped, I never stopped.

Days like this make the good runs even sweeter. I probably even needed it before the next race. It serves to remind yourself that no matter how bad it sucks, you can push through. I know mile 23 is going to be tough. Mentally preparing for that by pushing through hard runs is so important. Can't stop, won't stop!

The bright side to Saturday morning - I wore my new compression socks.

oh hello
The rest of the weekend we just enjoyed being at home. Saturday night was amazing. Take out, wine, and old movies. Heaven.

Club Sushi rocks my face off.
And yes, I ate sushi 3 times withing 48 hours. It's just too good. Homemade experimental dinner tonight. Hope everyone had a great weekend!