Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday is the new Friday! 

Miles run: 3.7 mi, relaxed, easy pace

I was so excited that today was the last day of the work week, that I slept completely through my alarm and woke up to my running partner, texting me from my front yard. Oops. I scrambled out of bed and was outside running within about 5 minutes. Not advisable, but hey, it works. It was a cool, clear morning; perfect for running. We chatted and had a relaxing run before tomorrow's chaotic race. I love having a good early morning running buddy. Or at least someone who will get my lazy butt out of bed. (But Julia is awesome)

We came home to Bailey, who ran around like a crazy person and ended up like this:

Slobber monkey. Such a hot mess...
I think she is overly excited for Thanksgiving and seeing her little cousin Molly.

Sleepy time for Molly. 
I am very lucky because (among other reasons) my mom still wants to do Thanksgiving at her house. Which means I can leave my house and kitchen a mess and no one has to know. Or care. I am however making an awesome salad, courtesy of How Sweet It Is. (my fave food blog) This is what her delicious salad looked like:


This is what mine looked like:

Hmmm.... mine still tasted good, but damn, hers is just so pretty! Maybe it is just my complete lack of photography skills?? Regardless, if you have never baked kale and made a salad  (or snack) out of it, you are missing out. Big time. 

Last night I also made turnip and rutabaga fries. French fries are possibly my favorite food ever and if I could find a way to incorporate them into every meal, trust me, I would. Also turns out, turnips and rutabagas make great fries! I also made a little cilantro sauce, which was heavenly. Will post the recipe when I actually figure out the measurements I used. Can't wait to make them again. Like maybe this afternoon...

Turnip and rutabaga fries with homemade cilantro aioli

And finally for Thanksgiving Eve you must read this. It is Thanksgiving appropriate and pee in your pants funny.