Monday, December 31, 2012

Buh-bye 2012

How is 2012 really over? How is it December 31st? I spent the first half of the morning trying to figure out where the hell December went and the second half of the morning worrying that I don't have any resolutions made. I read this book way back in 2009, aptly named 2012. It was all about the craziness that was expected to go down. Luckily, no supervolcano eradicated mankind and we are all here to drink champagne and celebrate the new year. 

But first, I had my follow up at the orthopedic office. I saw the PA (which is great- I love meeting other PA's in town) He was awesome. We chatted about steroid injections, MRI's, my knees and running shoes, and treatment options if I still need them. 

Doctor's office. Scary stuff

Then he whipped out another big-ass needle and stuck it into my right knee. Cheers (and prayers for) to Ragnar 2013!!! Can't wait for Friday and to be a part of Hemingway Hustlers II- Rock out with your Conch Out!

The original Hemingway Hustlers 

Hopefully the injection will get me through this weekend and on my way to recovery over the next few weeks. I even changed legs, so I will be running less distance. Sad face.

So what would NYE be without a few new year's resolutions?

I did make a serious list, some personal, some professional, some blog related. Originally I thought doing 13  13.1s for 2013 would be an awesome goal. 
With the knee issues I am going to put that one on the back burner and see where I am in one month. (10 or 11 months is plenty of time to fit in 13 half marathons!) Here are some resolution highlights:

  • Stop cussing as much. I never realized this was a problem until all my friends started having children. It's bad. Going to try to lock it up.
  • Raise some $$$ for Girls on the Run through the Soulmates program.

  • Running recovery. Run smarter, listen to my body, stretch, and ice.
  • Incorporate weightlifting into my regular schedule. Do it every week. No excuses. (Every professional I have seen about my knee told me I had weak hips. Well, that and a girl at the bar told me I had wimpy arms...)
Like this, only way cuter. Seriously though, those girls are bad ass.
  • Start going to yoga. Regularly.
  • Stick with my plant based diet. I am about 90% vegetarian and want to keep it that way.
  • Connect with more bloggers. There are so many amazing blogs and bloggers out there - can't wait to meet more!
  • 5-6 posts per week. 
There are more goals, but I won't bore you with what I plan on doing about skin diseases and such. 13 happens to be my lucky number and I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful night filled with fun cocktails and designated drivers