Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Run

Miles today: 3.73 miles, 35:27 min

Today was the first run in a long time with no knee pain. I think I forgot what running without pain was like. It has been chilly in Naples, so Larry and I slept in a little and got up to run. I was a little nervous but just so happy to be outside running. Did I mention we ran to the bar to get Larry's car from last night? Yeah, that's how we roll. Running with a purpose!

Ready to run in my new compression stockings. I also switched out the Newtons and went back to my oldie but goodie, Sacony Grid Ignitions. I love the Newtons, but have had a string of injuries and pain since I started running in them back in February. After Christmas I am going to be treating myself to new shoes and I can't wait.

Other big news: I got my Christmas present from Larry yesterday. It is AMAZING and I am blogging from it RIGHT NOW. I am in love. Hello MacBook Air. 

This thing is incredible. Until yesterday, I was still using my laptop from my junior year in undergrad. I am old now and that was a really long time ago. I am pretty sure it is considered an antique now. Every time that computer turned on, I was grateful. It is now officially retired. Amen! 

Now onto very last minute Christmas shopping because God knows I love me some procrastination.