Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Left knee, you suck.

Miles today: 30 min elliptical + planks

I woke up at 5:15 AM with all intentions of doing a hard hour long workout at the gym. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and my knee was seriously not ok. I have had intermittent issues with my left knee for years, but it is usually pretty bearable with a little ice and occasionally mom's magical touch. I was fine during the marathon, but the next day was a little rough. It has since been more than just a little sore. I ran Saturday and paid for it on Sunday. Same thing last night. Which is why I ended up in my car crying at about 6:15 AM. To be followed up by getting home and starting a fight with Larry. To my defense, I was not in my right mind. (Although clearly, neither was he, he fought back...) We made up about one hour later, but this pesky, little pain is bringing me down. Especially if I can't even get on the elliptical.

I went to physical therapy immediately after work. I got an ultrasound and a bunch of creams and patches and she wrapped it all up. Fingers and toes are crossed that a couple days off and this treatment will turn things around.

At least my pedicure looks good.

After treatment, we had dinner with Larry's parents. His mom is an amazing cook and crazy, crafting, artsy person. She made this incredible almond crusted salmon with a caper and corn sauce. I will post the recipe later this week. Lucky for me, I have lunch for tomorrow!

Thanks Auds!
Her Christmas tree is pretty stunning as well.

The day definitely ended much better than it started.