Monday, December 10, 2012

Nap time??

Miles today: 2.98 miles, 28:10

I was SOOOOO tired after work. I got home to this face:

Pretty sure she actually said, "We need to take a nap and snuggle on the couch, instead of running." How could I say no to that face? Especially wearing that precious Christmas jingle bell collar? I don't know, but I did.

She is so Christmas-y
She looks way cuter than I do today. Anyway, I did go for a run. I wanted to do much longer, but my knee is still not happy. I am not going to push it because there are so many fun events coming up and I will be PISSED if I have to miss anything. My new goal is to hang on the elliptical tomorrow (ick.) and possibly Wednesday, run Thursday, Color Run 5K Saturday, and hope for a nice long run Sunday. I realize it is only one week out after a marathon, but I am not feeling like taking it this easy. Suggestions?? I know I need to do more strength training. I will start there...tomorrow.

Tonight is meatless Monday. And right now I have wine (with a side of Motrin) waiting for me.

(I was the only one partaking in meatless Monday at the sports bar for Monday Night Football...)

Happy Monday!