Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas Marathon (Part 1)

Miles today: 0, day 3 of rest

Holy jet lag. We flew in last night at 10:30PM. Work today sucks is very trying, because I am exhausted. Oh the price you have to pay for awesome.

Yeah, that's a double thumbs up. 
So much to tell about the past 5 days. What a trip. We had a complete blast. Being in Vegas (and sober - two things that have never happened together before...) was so much fun. I want to go back. Like tomorrow. Instead, I will just recap the trip and race. So Saturday. What a day. 

This is what a 3:50AM wake up looks like. Not pretty. (Way to look hammered, honey)
I was not nervous about flying the day before the race until someone in our running group said, "I heard flying the day before was the worst possible thing you could do!" Yep. Way to not freak me out. Thanks, friend. Regardless, I was happy with our decision because the race wasn't until Sunday afternoon and spending more than 24 hours in Vegas without cocktails is too hard.

Why yes, I totally wore compression sleeves under my maxi dress on the flight
We get on our 6AM flight out of Fort Myers and immediately fall sound asleep. About an hour in, we woke up to another passenger screaming for medical help. I am not sure what happened, (and thank the lord there was a neurologist on the plane - my dermatology skills were not going to help anyone in that situation) but instead of heading to Houston as planned, we turned ALL THE WAY AROUND and went back to Ft. Myers. I hope he is OK wherever he is. 

We sat on the runway for about 30 minutes and then took off again. Obviously, we missed our connection. People on the plane were very gracious until we landed in Houston. And then all hell broke loose. It was insanity. Getting off the plane one minute faster is not going to change the fact that you missed your flight 15 minutes ago, people! We got on a 12:30 PM flight but unfortunately the power went out at the airport. (Uh, who knew that could even happen??) We FINALLY landed in Vegas at 1:30, with plenty of time to check in and hit up the expo.  

Ugh, could someone please remind me of my posture before snapping pics?
The expo was huge! Tons of free stuff and fun things to buy. We got there a little late, but it was still great. Especially because we spotted these:

Yep, I totally bought a case. (or 2) Other than the free swag, this was totally worth the expo. Could not have been happier. 

After the expo we met some close friends for dinner at Culinary Dropout at the Hard Rock. Anywhere with grilled artichokes has me at hello.

Unfortunately, we were too exhausted to really stay out so Larry and I acted like the old people we are and passed out after dinner. Vegas was like, whaaaaat?
Total race recap tomorrow!