Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The start of a new shoe era

Miles today: 1 mile @6.5 mph treadmill in running store, 2.0 miles, 19.01 min

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! My mother-in-law made an insanely amazing dinner. We ate ourselves sick and then spent this night watching Christmas movies. It was so nice to all be together and get to share a relaxing day off.

Today I had a little extra time and made the trek up to Estero to 360 Degree Athlete. My friend Ali recommended them for shoes and a gait analysis. I've never actually had that done  and figured, no time like the present. 

Natalia was super nice and friendly. I explained all the issues I have had lately and since I started running in my Newtons. She taped my running on the treadmill barefoot and then she selected three pairs of shoes to try. Side note - when you are going to a running store to do a gait analysis bring running clothes (especially a sports bra). NOT work clothes. Seriously- what was I thinking??

I ran in one pair of Sacony's and two different pairs of Brooks. Before the Newton's I only ran in the Grid Ignitions from Sacony. I've never owned a pair of Brooks. Natalia felt like I was compensating for the knee pain and thought a shoe with more motion control would be more appropriate. We actually ended up agreeing on the same shoe. It was great to have someone really analyze how I run and what would really be best for my legs and joints. She even coaches runners and had some good suggestions for me as far as training and healing without stopping running, while still getting in the races I want.

I ended up with the Brooks Adrenaline GTS12s. (also that pic makes it look like I have cankles) They are a little more stiff and heavier than what I normally run in, but I am hoping they are going to make a difference! Definitely worth the 40 minute drive in traffic!

I got home just as the rain was letting up and went for a quick run down to the beach. Looking forward to a good sunrise run tomorrow!