Friday, December 28, 2012

Tough Day + 20 Things to be Thankful For

Miles today: Rest

Miles yesterday: 4.82 miles, 43:29 min

After getting my new shoes, I was pumped to take a longer (gentle) run yesterday. I had a long lunch break and figured 6 miles would be perfect. It was cool (for south Florida!) and sunny. Really gorgeous out. What was not gorgeous, was me hobbling after the second mile and turning around early in pain. 

Not going to lie, there were tears. Followed by phone calls to the doctor and my physical therapist. I realize I am crazy, ridiculous, overreacting, and probably insane for trying to run Ragnar next week, but I don't care. How is that for stubborn? I have conceded to not run the Naples Daily News half and forgo the INGMiami if needed, in order to heal properly and really take care of myself before anything worse happens.  

Pretty beaches always make me feel a little better...
A few weeks ago, I joined a program called Elf for Health. You are paired with another "elf" and support each other with fitness goals, motivation, and a series of daily challenges.. Could not have come at a better time. Yesterday's "challenge" was to make a list of 20 things I am thankful for. It was especially appropriate because I was whiny, blubbering mess. Creating the list made me feel much better and is probably something everyone should do with some frequency.

So here is my list:  

1.  My health.
2.  My supportive, patient husband who puts up with me no matter what.
3.  My family. They are all insane, but whose family isn't?? Love them.
Not pictured: my sister Catherine and my  in-laws
4.  Our house. It is a hot mess and needs a ton of work, but I can be sitting in the sand within 3 minutes.
5.  My friends. They all are amazing, smart, hysterical people who continually inspire me.
6.  Our dog Bailey. I am pretty sure I could not have made it through the past 5 years without her by my side.

7.  My career. I bitch about it all the time but I am lucky to be doing what I love.
8.  My patients. I am blessed to deal with some pretty incredible people. Plus if they weren't here, I would have no career.
9. The office staff I work with – working with people you like makes life easier!
10. Living in Naples, FL. I grew up here, swore I would never live here as an adult, and am so glad to call this place home today.
11. My I Pad – makes being a book nerd even easier with instant gratification.
12. Wine.
13. My running shoes
14. Amy’s Burritos. So many lunches…
15. My ability to persevere through the hard times, tough runs, and long days.
16. The Gators. It is great to be a Florida Gator!!! (I am so grateful for my amazing education)

17. Online shopping. Obvi.
18. Far away friends who make everything better after 15 minutes on the phone
19. Palm trees. (see beach pics above)
20. Freedom and living in the greatest country on earth! America!  F- yeah!

And a shout out to my elf Beth - She is awesome!