Sunday, December 9, 2012

Vegas: The day after

Miles yesterday: 2.36, 21:56 min

First run after the marathon today. It was great! Last marathon, I waited 3 days before running. I took 5 days this time because my left knee was still a little sore. This morning I felt strong and had to force myself to turn around and go home. I am going to try to go back to increasing mileage this next week. Color Run next Saturday!

After the marathon I felt like crap.

We canceled our dinner reservations and passed out for the night. Not exactly the night of partying I envisioned, but it felt so good. So did sleeping in my compression stockings.

I swear sleeping in compression stockings helps speed recovery. My legs felt pretty good Monday morning. Flying out Tuesday was the best decision of the trip. We had a full day to recover and enjoy Vegas. (read: shop, eat, booze)

We woke up starving.

For bellinis. After a huge breakfast, we went out to explore. One of the best things about being in Vegas this time of year is the insane, over the top Christmas decorations. God knows I love some sparkle.

The decorations at Bellagio were gorgeous
Each polar bear was made of over 10,000 white carnations!

About two hours after breakfast, we were hungry again and headed to SushiSamba for lunch. The sushi was fresh and delicious. As were the cucumber infused martinis.

Larry loves girlie drinks.
My favorite part of the afternoon was going to Minus5 in Mandalay Bay. If you get the chance, go there. It is a blast. Everything in the entire bar is ice. I may or may not have taken off my boots and rested my calves on the ice table...

We finished the day with dinner at Michael Mina's in Bellagio. Dinner was phenomenal. We topped it off with mini root beer floats.

Such an wonderful trip. Definitely worth doing again.