Friday, January 18, 2013


So yesterday I turned the ripe old age of 31. Yes, I survived my first year of the 30's. What a year. 2 marathons, 1 half marathon, a bunch of 5/10Ks, a blood clot, second wedding anniversary, my sister moved to Louisiana, countless cocktails, started a little blog, and trips to some pretty amazing places. I think I can consider it a success. 

I had a great day at work with some pretty terrific people and lunch with some great friends.  I cam home to Larry and these beautiful flowers.

We planned on going for a nice little run after work but I decided to be a guinea pig for a TCA peel and followed by this new peel and product, so I could not run. (I will spare you the pictures of my poor face. It will look beautiful in a few days- will have more details about all that later...) That is also why there are no birthday girl pictures. 

For dinner my parents took us out for a delicious dinner with lots of cake and bubbles.

After dinner, Larry and I took a walk on the pier. (We also did this on our first "real" date) A cold front had just passed through and it was windy and chilly. It was low tide but the waves were crazy and splashing up on the pier. The sky was clearing and there was a little sliver of moon. Just a was a stunning night. Perfect end to a pretty awesome day and good start for a new year. 

Tonight we celebrate one of my favorite person's (and Sunshine Runner reader!) 30th birthday! Happy Friday!!