Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Night Run

Miles today: 3.52 gentle, happy, knee coddling miles
Miles in 2013: 20.22 miles

It was a shitty week. It is over. Amen. 

It ended on a really good note. Or notes. 

Larry and I went on a slow, peaceful run right at sunset. We ran along the beach and about a mile and 1/2 farther than we planned. We chatted and laughed and were happy to just run together. The sunset tonight was pretty spectacular. 

Courtesy of my great running friend, Julia

Afterwards we decided to hang out at home and drink a couple beers in our backyard. Phenom.


If anyone wants something, bring me a hoegaarden with a lemon and I'm yours.

Bailey has her sweatband ready to go for a walk in the 86 degree January weather. Happy Friday!