Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Frustrations and sandwiches

Miles yesterday: 1.68 miles, 15 min, Power group class
Miles today: 3.7 miles, easy, relaxed pace, 41 min (AM)
                    4.12 miles, Leapfrog practice, 39:46 min (PM)
Miles in 2013: 72.61 miles

I broke my "I'm too lazy to get up in the morning and work out" phase! Thank you, Julia. She showed up promptly at 5:45 AM for a pleasant run down to the beach. Even though it has been well over a month since we ran together, it felt like yesterday. I love our morning chatting sessions. Not to mention, I needed to run to get out the insane soreness creeping into my legs thanks to group power classes. I have now lifted weights of some sort twice in 2013. That is exactly one more time than 2012. Pretty sure that equals success. Next up yoga, or barre classes!

Those classes and a half marathon on Sunday. Possibly. But not because my knee is bothering me. I have been analyzing races all over Florida, to figure out which ones work for me while the weather is cool enough to race. I found the Charlotte Harbor Half Marathon and thought it would be perfect. It is less than an hour away, Charlotte is pretty (I am pretty sure anyway), and I love a small town race. I debated about signing up online, because I had been hurt and was unsure I would be able to race. Oh and because I am having a girls night out Saturday night. (We all know those kind of nights.) If there was race day registration, I would happily pay a little more, and hopefully be golden for the run. (Also, I have run further than 13 miles after a night out. This isn't my first rodeo.)

I tried contacting the race director by emails, twitter, facebook, and phone concerning race day registration. No response until today. The response was initially vague, and but he (Dean Reinke, or someone on staff, I presume) finally answered my questions. I appreciated the response but I started looking up information about this particular series of races. What I found was not good.  Just google the name. Yikes. First I came across a thread on Runner's World. Then I found a slew of other websites and bloggers who had had run-ins with USRA Race Series and Dean Reinke, including an entire blog on Dean Reinke Race Reviews. My intentions for this space and myself is to stay positive and encourage all the good aspects of running, so I won't waste time elaborating. 

The running community as a whole is such a supportive, positive, benevolent group. Runners raise millions of dollars for charities and spend hard earned money on races across the world. There are very few people I have met, via running blogs, racing, or otherwise, that have not been kind and friendly. To have a person alledgedly and possibly continually scamming runners and taking money from this community is simply despicable. I am saddened by all the reviews and if even a small percentage of the accusations are true, I cannot support this race. So I will not be running a half this weekend. At least an organized one. So disappointing. 

Ok, rant over. So Rock 'n' Roll St. Pete?? February 10th? Might happen. 

Onto food. I have an over the top love for Publix grocery stores. They are the best and if you don't live in the south, I am sorry. No Publix for you. I am sad I don't live in Tampa anymore because they have a Greenwise Publix which may be the greatest grocery store to ever exist. We lovingly refered to it as "club greenwise". It was a better, cheaper, prettier Whole Foods. (Obviously, I need to get out more...) Anyhow, one of the bestest things about Publix is their sub sandwiches. I have become obsessed with the veggie sub. Like buying multiple subs per week. What is even more ridiculous is that I realized the Publix turkey sub is actually cheaper that the veggie, when it is on special. How does that work??

Today I had a little extra time and made my version of the veggie sub and guess what, it was JUST as good! 

The key is the white american cheese and extra pickles. A little messy, but one hellluva lunch. (Don't you feel healthier just looking at it??)

I feel like this is a long post with not many pictures, but I also have to include a little something about this afternoon. One of my closest high school friends lives over 1000 miles and just had a gorgeous baby boy in November. She ran one of her first runs today and left me a sweet message about the blog on Facebook. It made my day and week. Thanks for reading Katie! Love you!

It's the little things in life that make the difference, that is for sure!