Monday, January 14, 2013

Key West and Islamorada

One week ago (a week and a day - I started this post last night but was too tired to finish it) we left one of my favorite places on earth, Key West. I have so many wonderful memories there and added a few more after Ragnar. I am so sad it is all over. 

We stayed at the Casa Cayo Hueso, which was amazing. One of my favorite places to stay in Key West. Our team captain stayed here as a kid and loved it and booked it for our whole team. We all shared cottages and had a gorgeous pool in the main common area. 

Walking in

Our beautiful pool

Our little cottage

Van one got there first (obvs) and then headed down to the finish line to meet the rest of our team. The finish line is always a little chaotic, but so fun. Larry even got dressed up for the occasion. 

We finished in 27:53:07. Over two hours faster than last year. That time placed us 27th out of 493 teams. We placed 2nd in the Men's Sub-masters division. Not too shabby! I am so proud of everyone on our team. And we celebrated the hell out of our finish. I am not sure any team could beat us in celebrating. 

Ragnar finish line

We hit up my favorite happy our spot in Key West, Alonzo's and headed out from there. Lots of craziness ensued, not limited to shots, dancing, and mechanical bull riding. What a freaking blast. Counting down the days 'til next year.

We rode home with some friends from The Funk Tribe (another incredibly fast Ragnar team). They had a real van and it was soooo comfy.

We all stopped at Robbie's in Islamorada. Robbie's has good food and more importantly, tarpon feeding. 

The crazy aggressive pelicans were way more scary than the fish. I am not a fan of birds.

Everyone fed the tarpon without losing any fingers, so the day was a success. 

Thanks to Paige for planning all this, all our friends who ran with us, and Mike and Mel who drove us home. Same time and place next year?!