Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last day of January. Resolutions, whaaat??

How is January already ending? Weren't we just in the keys like 2 days ago?? So sad that my birthday month flew by so quickly. February is going to fly by too, but there is lots of fun stuff crammed in those 28 days. This year I am going to keep myself in check by re-evaluating my resolutions at the end of every month. Hopefully this helps me not to slack off. Maybe. Here we go:

  • Stop cussing as much. 
    • Hmmmm. January may have gone by quickly, but it was an insanely stressful month and the Gators lost the Sugar Bowl. I will start working on this for February. Hopefully Gator basketball will continue being awesome. That would help my cause.
  • Raise some $$$ for Girls on the Run through the Soulmates program.
    • I am officially a Soulmate. Now help me by donating!! I am a Running Buddy volunteer and will definitely be running the Rock 'N' Roll Nashville Half Marathon as my Soulmate race.  Would love to raise a bunch of $$$ for Girls on the Run! Check out my donation page (and give $$$) here!!!

  • Running recovery. Run smarter, listen to my body, stretch, and ice.
    • I've been trying!! I'm doing my prescribed exercises, cross training, and resting when I need to. Only going to get better from here. (I hope) I am going to get to more organized running practices and invest in a gallon of Biofreeze.
Leapfrog Running
  • Incorporate weightlifting into my regular schedule. Do it every week. No excuses.
    • Two weeks in a row. Going strong. (Well my schedule is strong. Triceps, not so much....yet)
  • Start going to yoga. Regularly.
    • I am going to. Promise. Scheduling is a bitch. (Shoot, see resolution #1...)
  • Stick with my plant based diet. 
    • I am doing better than just that! We (I) are cooking at home most nights, not eating processed food, and have not had meat of any sort since 2012. And now I know that cauliflower pasta is gross. My red tofu curry was pretty incredible tonight, if I do say so myself...
  • Connect with more bloggers. 
    • Working on it!
  • 5-6 posts per week. 
    • I am blowing this out of the water. Two posts today!

So all in all, I am pretty pleased with the progress. Hoping to keep the momentum going through  February. Happy Almost Friday!