Monday, January 7, 2013

RAGNAR!!! Hemingway Hustlers II. Van 1, Leg 1

Miles today: 2 mile walk
Miles run in 2013: 16.7

Today has been heavenly. We came back from Key West last night instead of today and spent today relaxing and getting stuff done around the house. I felt like we were in high school skipping school and it was AWESOME. Such good decompression time.

Friday started pretty early and I could barely sleep Thursday night because I was so excited! We go up a little after 6AM and got ready to head out. 

I was runner #6 so I wore compression sleeves since I would be in the car for a while.

My current favorite breakfast. Whole wheat toast, peanut butter, chia seeds, and bananas. Delish.

We drove over to Miami and got ready to get started. Our team captain did an amazing job of setting everything up and another girl on our team totally hooked it up with awesome dry fit tank tops and sweatbands. Talk about a group of bad asses.

This year we started at 11AM instead of 8:30AM. I liked the 8:30 start a little better because our "van" (Van 1) would have been done before the hottest part of the day. And it was hot out. Yay for January in south Florida!!

I say "van" because we did have one little hiccup. Instead of getting vans this year we got a Lincoln Navigator and Suburban. We got the Navigator. It was not made for 6 people and stuff for a weekend of running. Cramped is an understatement. But one of the guys got christmas lights to decorate the outside, so it was automatically way cooler.

This does not equal this:

Especially the inside. But we survived. It makes it a lot easier when you are riding with 5 people that do nothing but laugh for hours on end.

Like I said before, I am running less milage than originally planned. I was the 6th runner in first  van. I started my first leg of 2.7 miles a little after 2pm. It was hot but I was so excited that I could help but start off fast. Excited may be the understatement of the week. I was PUMPED.

Hand off at exchange 5. Middle of somewhere in Miami.

My watch was totally screwed up and would not pick up satellite reception. I ran much faster than I probably should have but, it felt great. I did not bring any music on this run, which was fine. My route was through what could only be described at the ghetto. I passed more than one house smelling strongly of weed. I was just so happy to be running. It was hot out and I started to struggle towards then end of the run. My left knee was a little sore towards the end, but not too bad. I had no real idea about my pace or time, but the course said it was 2.7 miles and I would guess I ran it at an 8:30-9 min mile pace. 

I was runner #6 last year and this part of the course was totally different. Last year the first leg was almost 9 miles in a different area of Miami. I don't know if I could have run that far this year. Also different, the big exchange between vans was at the zoo last year. This year it was at a park. (I wasn't there long enough to notice much else.)

Afterwards we got Publix subs and I iced my knees. We drove to the second big exchange took place at the Homestead SpeedWay. We decorated the "van" and tried to get a little sleep before the long night ahead.