Thursday, January 10, 2013

RAGNAR!!! Hemingway Hustlers II. Van 1, Leg 3

Poor Larry. He started out this leg worse than anyone and had to do the longest leg 3 run. He started out so bad because of sleeping conditions in the Navigator. This is the inside of a Lincoln Navigator. Imagine sleeping 6 people in there.

Larry and I were in that back row. NOT ideal for 2 people to sleep, much less 2 people who were sore, exhausted, and had not showered after running well over 10 miles each. Please, close your eyes and imagine. So the loving husband that he is, Larry offered to sleep ON THE FLOOR in front of that rear bench. CAN YOU FLIPPIN' IMAGINE?? Extremely uncomfortable is the understatement of the century. Sometime in my haze of semi-sleep, I made him get on the seat and I slept in a V formation, while he slept sitting straight up. So obviously we woke up well rested and in the best of moods. 

Our first runner got going and then the second runner got to run over the 7 mile bridge, which is a tough run but absolutely beautiful. It was overcast, but still hot out. Larry's last leg was 9.9 miles. Finished like a champ.

Pre 9.9 miles

My last run was 4.1 miles. Any other day, a piece of cake. That morning though, I almost had someone run it for me. I was unsure I would be able to finish the whole thing. (Oh yeah, and I totally did not ice my knee the night before and was running low on ibuprofen) I was hurting before even starting. Mind over matter, and all that. 

I was good for about 20 minutes then things got hard. I pushed and kept my head down and ran. After seeing my van cheering around 3 miles, I honestly wanted nothing more than to stop at the van and have someone else finish. But what is one measly mile. I could crawl one mile. I may not be fast, but one mile, I can handle. The one nice thing about that last leg was that it was the exact same route as last year. There is something to be said for comfort in familiarity. I finished in exactly 40 minutes, or just under 10 minute miles. Again, not great, but I will take it. We made it down to Key West and immediately got ice for the knee, a grilled cheese, and beers.

 Ahhhhh Ragnar (and Key West), how we love you!