Saturday, January 12, 2013

Roadside clean up

Miles today: 2.43 miles, 22:42 min
Miles in 2013: 22.65 miles

This is the first time since the marathon in December I have been able to run two days in a row! I feel like I am finally healing. I am doing all my assigned stretches and strengthening exercises. Thank you Mom and Brooke :)

What the heck kind of facial expression is that? At least my quads are getting stronger. 

Ice and Biofreeze are my newest, bestest friends. The run yesterday and today were nice and slow and comfortable. My knee ached a little last night, but I did not notice it one bit this morning. Who knew taking it easy could really work?!

Sidenote about taking easy...remember when I said I was going to give up running the Naples Daily News 1/2 Marathon?? Well, then Runner's World had to go and vote it the #1 best half marathon in the Country!!! (So proud of the Gulf Coast Runners. What a great group to be a part of!!) Now I can't not run the country's best half marathon, because my knee may or may not be a little achey!?! Right? I am going to attempt a longer run tomorrow and hopefully run the half next Saturday. If I do, I will be pacing my mom and running the race about 30 minutes slower than I normally would. Will make my finial decision after my run tomorrow and let you know.


The run this morning actually took place in two parts. I belong to Naples Juniors Women's Club and today was our semi annual roadside clean up. (Not exactly what you want to be doing on a gorgeous Saturday morning, but hey- it's a good cause) I ran to the wrong Starbucks and then realized I needed to run to another one in town. We picked up litter between the 12 blocks of road our club sponsors. 

Look how cute the Juniors are!

It was before noon and we all already got our good deeds for the weekend out of the way! I ran home got ready for the rest of the weekend. Good luck to all the Disney athletes out there!!