Thursday, January 3, 2013

Time to pack...and eat!

Miles today: 0
Miles 2013: 2.0 miles

So last night was...unfortunate. I am still a little confused as to what the hell happened to my Gators. In case you missed it, the Sugar Bowl was ugly. Really ugly. And sad. Either way, if we had to lose, I am happy it was to Charlie Strong. He is awesome and was an amazing coach for the Gators in years past. Now onto college basketball and looking forward to what Coach Boom will put together for a recruiting class. 

Anyhow, it is TIME TO PACK! I am so freaking pumped! RAGNAR KEY WEST TOMORROW!!

Our house is a hot mess. We are frantically doing laundry, trying to cook a dinner, pack, remember everything, while trying to rest up and get ready to run. Good times.

Shoes. check. Safety gear, check. Compression stockings, check. Koozies for Irish Kevin's, check.

Super important stuff not pictured: dry shampoo, sunscreen, vaseline, sunglasses, flip flops, toothpaste/brush, shuffle, and Garmin.

The bigger priority: food!!!!

Obviously, we (I) will be eating more in the next 24 hours than what is just pictured. These are some Ragnar priorities. We all know that only Powerbar Tangerine Gels will make me happy during races. Ditto for pre run- oatmeal and raisin Cliff bars. Sunchips and gummy bears really just complete the nutritional picture. That and more caffeine.

This is my second year running relays and despite not knowing much about anything, I do know this much after last year:

  • Most importantly: LUBRICATION. Laugh it up, but those with body glide or Vaseline are going to be sooooo much happier. Especially because it is supposed to be in the upper 70's and 80's this weekend
  • Hand sanitizer. You will be in a lot of porta-potties. It's gross and germ-y. Be prepared.
  • Towels. No one wants to sit your sweaty wet spot after you. Plus you feel better if you towel off some of that healthy, happy sweat.
  • Cameras, IPhones, any thing to capture the moment. There will be lots and you don't want to forget a minute.
  • A sense of humor and perseverance. Crazy (awesome) stuff happens in a 24+ hour race. It is hard and probably one of the most fun things you will do in life. Shit happens (sometimes literally). Roll with it, roll out your legs after every run, and enjoy every second.

See you in Miami!!