Thursday, January 24, 2013

Unofficial Beer Run

Miles today: 1.24 miles, treadmill warmup. Power lifting class
Miles yesterday: 4.75 miles, 47:06 min (this could possibly be seriously off because it was dark and I was running while consuming beers...)
Miles in 2013: 52.18 miles

Holy crap guys. I actually did one of my resolutions today! I lifted a weight. Like, lots of them. For over an hour. I'm not going to be able to move tomorrow, but I have to start somewhere. I may have the wimpiest arms of life. There were 63 year olds that were lifting double what I was. I guess I have 32 odd years to catch up to them. I used to take a similar class in Tampa and am glad to be getting back into a little cross training. 

Last night was one of my favorite running activities in Naples. Naples Running and Beer Company's unofficial beer run. We usually have a beer run every few months or so and it is announced strictly through word of mouth and social media. Four miles, four beers, great night! Larry and I have been present for every beer run, with the exception of two, I think. 

Everyone getting ready to run

Seriously, what beats running with a bunch of your close friends and throwing a beer (or four) into the mix?!

We all start by pledging to take responsibility for ourselves if anything should happen while we are running and drinking.  

I tried to keep close tabs on mileage and distance on my garmin but I got to chatting and did not pay very good attention. The first bar we went to was one of my favorites on the water. We all take a picture together. This beer run was the best attended yet!

Thanks Sammy Duffy Photography

From there we ran to another bar/restaurant along Naples Bay. Then onto Tommy Bahama's and back to our starting place. 

Originally, I had planned to make this butternut squash ravioli with a brown butter sage sauce recipe after the run. Yeah, that definitely did not happened. Instead we got greek takeout. Tzatziki sauce is my crack. We ate and crashed hard. 

Tomorrow I am planning on an easy run to recover from the muscle soreness followed by happy hour!