Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend recap!

Miles Friday: 2.28 miles, 21:19 min
Miles yesterday: 8.62 miles, 1:22:30
Miles in 2013: 63.11 miles

I am not going to lie. I was bummed not to run the ING Miami marathon yesterday. Maybe even a little bit pouty for a hot second. I got over it and actually had a great weekend anyway. A HUGE congrats to all my friends who ran and an even bigger congrats to a couple of friends who PR'd!! 

I have decided that my Friday afternoon runs are my favorite for the week and must to start off the weekend. While the rest of the country was freezing their asses off, this is what my quick run looked like: 

I freaking love it here. 

Friday night we hit up the Naples Beach Brewery. Yes, you read that correctly, Naples, Florida has a brewery! And it's awesome! 

We went with our good friends and sampled a bunch of delicious beers. My favorites were the pale ale and Mango Ginger Tripel. The owner gave us a tour and went over how to brew beer. Then we decided to have a mini brewery photo shoot. Good times. 

My friend Liz is awesome. Thanks for the pics!

Frowny, weird face, over what? Who knows...

Yesterday I did a long(ish) run instead of the Miami race. 

I didn't run when I first woke up and then really had to convince myself to get out and run. By the time I actually motivated myself, it was 10 AM and hot out. Before heading out,  I covered my knees in Biofreeze. I hated the stuff at first, but now really like it before a workout. Anyway, I wasn't really feeling it the first mile or two, but then just relaxed and settled into a nice pace.  I stopped twice to refill my water bottle and take down one energy gel. 

I was thrilled I pushed myself to go out by myself and run. My knees really are feeling better and better every week. I don't know if it is the change in shoes or the added strengthening excercises, but something is working. I am just excited (and grateful) to get back to normal and back to my long runs and racing! 

Considering running the Charlotte Harbor Half Marathon next weekend or the Rock 'N' Roll St. Pete Half the following weekend...