Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Change of plans...

Miles today: 4.01 miles, 38:04 min treadmill
Miles yesterday: 0, rest day
Miles 2013: 92.20 miles

Treadmill workout this afternoon. First mile at 6 mph, second mile at 6.5 mph, third mile at 7 mph, last mile at 6.5 mph. I didn't push myself too hard. Hoping to do two runs tomorrow, one with Julia and Leapfrog hill workout practice, if I can get out of work soon enough. 

Yesterday I totally planned on going to running practice. I left work late and knew there was no way I could make it to practice on time. Instead, I planned on a short tempo run. By the time I got home, walked Bailey, grabbed a snack, and looked around at my house, I knew I wasn't running anywhere. Instead I put on my sweats and uggs, caught up on RHOBH, and did laundry. 

Awesome story, huh? 

I told myself I would get up and do that tempo run this morning. Not proud to admit, but..... I totally slept in. I was so snuggled up and comfy and dreaming and warm. I don't know why I have been so overly tired lately. I thought last week's early morning run got me out of my lull in early morning workouts, but apparently not. Maybe its the frigid 50 degree mornings? More likely, I got used to sleeping until 630 AM and my brain has not converted back. Either way  I am running tomorrow at 5:45 AM sharp.

I didn't feel (that) bad about it until I saw this pic and quote on my facebook this morning:

Your alarm goes off early in the morning. Do you focus on getting more sleep or wake up and run?

Well played, Women's Running Magazine, well played. How'd you know??

So, I am still in the process of working my way back to regular workouts and training, and am not far from being back 100%. (Yay!) I actually think (know) I have the ability to PR in a half soon. The next couple weeks' goals are to add in more speed/interval workouts and continue the weight training/physical therapy exercises. 

The change of plans part: Larry and I had a long chat Sunday evening as I was debating signing up for a bunch of half marathons in the next couple weeks. I'll spare you the details, but basically traveling to races and running every other weekend is expensive. Really expensive. And as much as I hate to admit it, it is not the smartest to spend that much $$$ at this time in our lives. I still would love to run the 13 half marathons, but I know I will run well over 13 miles more than 13 times this year. (Hello Chicago Marathon training?!?) 14 days until sign up, not that I'm counting... 

I love training and kicking ass in a handful of races and enjoying my training is good enough for me. Quality over quantity and all that. Instead of running the St Pete 1/2 on Sunday, I am going to have a nice long run Saturday morning and spend the rest of the weekend lounging.  A little bit of a bummer, but there are some pretty awesome weekends coming up in the next few months!

Sad to miss a couple of races, but excited to run hard in practice and focus on mechanics and speed. (and staying injury free). Now onto the mountains of laundry sitting in my living room. How do 2 people make so much dirty laundry??