Thursday, February 21, 2013


Miles Tuesday: 3.56 miles, 35 minutes, Group Power class
Miles Wednesday: rest day 
Miles in 2013: 139.37 miles

What a day Tuesday was! I started this post that night, and then ended up just hanging with the hubs. He is working like one million hours per week this time of year, and I only get to see him an hour or so a day, so he gets my full attention. So lucky he is.

Anyhow, my Tuesday was amazing. I might even call it a red letter day. (Am I totally dating myself by saying that - or am I just bringing it back...)Whatever, it was a pretty great day. After and hour or so of trying to get registered, pseudo panicking, and entering my info 1000 times, Larry and I were both good to go.

Work productivity at its finest.  (also, yes that is a jar of PB off to the side, and yes I eat out of it with a spoon, often.)

To say I was elated to be registered, is an enormous understatement. I feel like I have been looking forward to running Chicago for over two years. So many people have talked about what an amazing race it is, and after my first marathon, I just KNEW I would run it. Chicago is one of the top races on my race bucket list and I can't wait to down to business and crush training over the summer. 

To make the afternoon better, I received an email informing me that I am now a Sweat Pink Ambassador with Fit Approach. Totally pumped. 

That is until I realized the full scope of the craziness that was Chicago marathon registration. While a lot of close friends got in, one of my favorite people in the world is still waiting. I know her disappointment and nervousness with the whole system and the 15,000 entries left. It is a total fail that had such system issues with this registration. It is the Chicago-freaking-marathon. OF COURSE there is going to be an insane amount of traffic and activity when you hype up a noon (central time) registration opening. This ain't their first rodeo either. They just should have been better prepared. I think the ranting and raving on their Facebook page is plenty though, and I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that everyone else gets in.

 (Shameless self (GOTR) promotion --> I am a Girls on the Run Solemate, running to raise money for Collier County Girls on the Run. Click Here for my donation page!)

So back to Tuesday. After the afternoon excitement, I made it to the gym for a little run and Group Power. I ran 2 easy miles at 6.5 mph before class.

The Tuesday instructor is probably my favorite and she switched up the routine a bit and I added weight to my legs and chest. It was a much tougher workout than usual. I wobbled out and ran another mile and a half. I hadn't planned on running over a mile, but felt really good. I would have gone farther, but knew I had to get home to finish up dinner. 

That is the other awesome part of Tuesday. Damn, did I eat well all day. And I don't mean just healthy. 

Started out with a little left over french toast and fresh strawberries. At lunch I had my favorite veggie sandwich and homemade tomato soup. (Courtesy of How Sweet Eats. If you are looking for a good tomato soup recipe, here it is. SO GOOD. Even Mr. "I don't like tomato soup" liked it.... and ate the leftovers again last night)

Dinner was particularly amazing. The night before I whipped up an arugula and walnut pesto that literally rocked my face off. Throw that with some pasta, peas, spinach, and shrimp and boom. Insanely delicious, tasty, healthy post work out dinner. I gave myself extra pats on the back for that one. (Recipe to come in upcoming post) 

Larry has been sick and I am terrified of catching it, so I instead of going to the 6 AM track workout, I slept until almost 7 AM. I hated to miss it, but feel like sleep might be he smarter choice, especially during a race week. Or at least that's what I am telling myself. 

Less than 24 hours until Tampa!