Monday, February 25, 2013

Girls weekend in Tampa. With a side of half marathon.

Miles today: Rest
Miles yesterday: 13.2
Miles in 2013: 161.88 miles

Whyyyyyyyy is it Monday? I am not ready for the week. The weekend was so much fun and now it is really over. Boo.

Friday I headed up to Tampa to meet up with some friends from PA school and to run the Gasparilla Half Marathon. After the worst drive of life, (and a dead cell phone) I arrived at Robin's place. I was starving and thirsty. What better way to solve that than tapas and cocktails!

Robin took us to Carmel Cafe. It was amazing. Can someone please bring this place to Naples?!

We had delicious cocktails followed by a little wine. I ordered the Elderflower Bubbly, which combines two of my very favorite things: sparkling wine and St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur. 

St. Germain is incredible by itself or in a cocktail, or how I like it best, in my champagne. It tastes like flowers. Heavenly really.

Anyway, Carmel Cafe is wonderful. Everyone orders on IPads, which is an amazing dining concept.

 You can pace the timing of your dinner and order drinks whenever you want. The wait staff was great, answering questions and offering to take orders the old fashioned way at any time. 

The menu was pretty incredible too. I wanted to order about 35 small plates, but we kept it to 3. Definitely returning soon! 

Pre-race fuel! 

Saturday Brooke and I did some serious shopping around Tampa and then hit up the expo. Unfortunately, we got to the expo late in the day and most vendors were closing down shop.

After picking up our numbers, Brooke and I decided we needed cocktails outside on the water.

It was a perfect afternoon to relax and hang out. We had a couple drinks and then headed to an early sushi dinner with friends, and were in bed before 10. Wild Saturday night.

Unfortunately, the people in the hotel rooms next to us and across the hall did end up having a crazy Saturday night. The sex noises and yelling at 3 AM were exactly what I needed before a 6 AM start time! Luckily, I only woke up briefly and was ready to go at 4:45 AM. Race recap tomorrow!