Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Saturday

Miles Wednesday: 2.5 miles, form and pace workout
Miles Thursday: 4.51, 41:40 min, tempo treadmill run
Miles Friday: rest day
Miles in 2013: 117.9 miles

This post started out as happy early track practice, then happy Valentine's day, then yesterday I had given up after a full day of work and dinner with friends.... So now it is Saturday morning, and I am just getting to finish Wednesday's post. My bad. 

So Wednesday. I was proud of myself for getting up (on a day I could have slept in!) and making it to the track on time for a Leapfrog running practice. I was a little sore from lifting Tuesday night, but was not going to miss my only opportunity this week to get a group practice in. 

Gross face post morning run. Haaawwwt.

The morning's practice focused on form and pace. Two areas I definitely need a little help with. I have been really working on the pace lately, and differentiating between an easy, moderate, and brisk pace. I tend to always run a similar pace, regardless of a 5 mile or 15 mile run. I know it is totally mental, and something that really needs to improve to get my times down. The form drills were tough on sore quads and a little tough to get the hang of. By the end of the practice I was better, but definitely going to have to work on them. 

The 6AM workout was such a great start to the day, that I am considering just going to that workout, instead of the 6PM workouts. Good thing my office has a shower. 

Thursday I got up at 5:30 AM for a run and it was pouring rain. Back to bed! Sleeping in was actually a perfect start to Valentine's Day. I got my run in after work at the gym. I ran one mile at 6.0 mph, mile 2 at 6.5 mph, miles 3 and 4 at 7.0 mph, a 400m at 7.5 mph, and then a short cool down. I probably should have cooled down longer, but had to make it home to be ready for dinner. 

Obligatory Valentine's roses picture.

Larry is the best and made reservations at one of my favorite places, Bleu Provence. Dinner was phenomenal.


Like I said, yesterday was a long work day and I never got the chance to get my Friday afternoon run in. With the cool weather this weekend, I am going to do some extra miles today and tomorrow.