Saturday, February 9, 2013

Productive Saturday

Miles today: 9.32 miles, 1:24:49, Barre Motion Class
Miles in 2013: 105.30 miles

Can we all agree, one should probably not drink 3 (or more) glasses of wine and blog? (see previous post...) Way to keep it classy with the troll tattoo, huh? 

Anyhow, it is a little after 11 AM and I am beat! I hit the 100 mile in 2013 mark! Was hoping to hit that in January, but my knees had other ideas. Oh well. This mornings' run was great. It was cool and the fog rolled in while we were running back. I ran with the Gulf Coast Runners group from a beach near our house. I really struggled to get out of bed, but once I was running, felt good. My only mishap was forgetting my energy gel. Originally I thought I might do 13-15 miles this morning, but since I signed up for the Barre class figured I would do 10-12. At mile one, when I realized I forgot the gel, the run got shortened to 9. I could have really used it at mile 6-7. 

Next week I will have to remember. I am going to do one last long run before my back to back weekends of half marathons.



Running only 9 turned out to be a blessing because the Barre class kicked my bootie. Holy moly. I am going to be sore tomorrow. I did not expect the class would be that hard. Also - I completely lack any sort of grace or flexibility. Pretty sure I was hysterical to watch. Will totally be going back though. It was such a good workout and change of pace. 

The class was at Beyond Motion, a fitness studio in North Naples. I really liked the instructors I met and the facility was beautiful.

I have never taken a Pilates class, but might have to start. My morning running partner, Julia, kicked some serious ass and did Barre followed by an hour of Pilates.

Now it's time for a shower to be followed by a veggie burger and beers. Gator basketball game later, and dear lord, do not let us lose twice in one week. 

Happy Saturday!