Thursday, February 7, 2013

So early...

Miles today: 0
Miles in 2013: 95.88 miles

I did it. Up before 5:30 AM to make it to the gym on time. Went to Group Power (then almost died....)

I really wanted to take pictures but my brain wasn't even close to working at that early hour. I really wanted to find a funny girl weightlifting comic or cartoon. This is what i found:


I am pretty sure this is a new blog low. But seriously. That happened.

Tonight we went to the Men of Distinction banquet. My dad was a MOD last year. He is a badass. So proud. 

So that was the classy part of the night. Then Sweet Brown happened. Larry has made me watch this about 37,000 times.

Click here for the video

(I still don't know how to post a video...)

Thank God tomorrow is Friday!