Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sore Sunday

Miles today: 4.09 miles, 39:03 min
Miles in 2013: 109.39 miles

I got out of bed this morning and almost fell on my face. My calves were so tight, I could barely walk. I hobbled to the kitchen to grab a glass of water but was fairly certain my legs were going to collapse. I am a mess. 

I convinced Larry to take a short, shake out/recovery run to make my legs feel better faster. I always try to get a little run in when I am sore to help flush the lactic acid out of my muscles a little quicker. Larry refused to do more than 2 miles, so we just ran to the beach because it was a spectacularly beautiful morning. 

I am sorry to all of my friends who dealt with Nemo this weekend. I was a teensy bit jealous of all the snowmen and sledding pictures. (sorta, well...maybe not....)

Larry bailed after the first 2 miles so I ran another 2 and met him for breakfast. Running to breakfast and getting a ride home after is perfect. Someone else picks up the tab and a relaxing car ride home. Too bad my ride home included a stop at Home Depot and yard work!

Yard work really isn't too bad in this weather. Although paddleboarding would have been way better. 

Congrats to all our friends who ran the Rock 'n' Roll St. Pete 1/2 marathon!