Friday, March 8, 2013

Feeling Inspired Friday!

Miles yesterday: Group Power, 1.53 mile cool down
Miles in 2013: 201.0 miles 

About time 200 miles for 2013 was broken!! I was going to save this post for a "Motivational Monday" post, but I haven't run yet today, am sitting at work, and don't have much else to chat about. Aside from the fact that I already ate all the snacks I brought to work and now have nothing to munch on for the next two hours. I am counting the minutes until happy hour...

So, "Motivational Friday". I think "Feeling Inspired Friday" has a better ring to it. Plus it is a good start to any weekend of training, running, drinking...

My friend and fellow Hemingway Hustler found out he is going to be crewing for the Badwater Ultramarathon starting in Death Valley, CA in July. It is dubbed the "world's toughest foot race" and is a 135 mile race gaining 13,000 feet of elevation to finish at Mount Whitney. (And I am nervous about the hills in Nashville...) It is an invitational event and only 100 runners are accepted each year. It would be an amazing experience to watch and crew, so consider me a little jealous. 

An ultra may be on my bucket list, but Badwater is freaking badass intertwined with a touch of insanity. Some incredible and well known ultramarathoners will be there this year, including this guy. 

Every time I feel like slacking or not doing a training run, I need to watch this guy. Words just do not do him justice. Inspired. 

This is another thing I watch for a little motivation. We got the DVD last year and I have watched it about 20 times. (I have a life, I swear) Unbreakable:The Western States 100 is a documentary following 4 elite ultramarthoners at the running of the Western States in 2010. If you like running, racing, or just some good competition, you will love this documentary. Hell, I just might want to move to Boulder just to hang out and run with Scott Jurek and Tony Krupicka. The dedication and commitment and endurance and heart just awesome. 

After those videos, anyone running this weekend?? The weather has been so gorgeous, I wish there was a race tomorrow. I am going to settle for a good, long run with the GCR group. Minimum of 10, but I might get crazy, watch a few more videos, and do 14-15. Happy Friday and good luck to anyone racing this weekend!!