Monday, March 25, 2013

Got dropped, but I'm ok with it

Miles Saturday: 9.59 miles, 1:24:26 minutes
Miles today: 3.12 miles, easy
Miles in 2013: 261.88 miles

I was sooooo close to staying in bed Saturday morning. I hit the alarm twice and drug (dragged??) myself out of bed and put on my running shoes. I couldn't face a cliff bar and had a piece of toast with butter and strawberry preserves on it. I got out of the house about 5 minutes later than I wanted. 

I ran down to the beach where the group usually meets, and thinking I was late, just headed down our usual route. I ran into a (much faster) friend and we doubled back to see if the group was headed out.  They were. I decided to see how long I could hang with the front group. I was keeping pace for the first mile and from there I really started to struggle. I kept up with the group for 2 miles and started to fade from there. 8:20 pace is slightly faster than I can go for my long runs right now. It is straight up sucky getting dropped by the group, but it is such motivation to work even harder during the week. I will be able to keep up with that group in the near future. I know I have it in me, but have some work to do. I took it easy this week after the half marathon last week, but am going to turn it up the next two weeks before the next 10K.

Back to Saturday, I made it to the turn around and joined another group of runners. After running a couple of miles with them, they decided to walk, and I caught up to another group and finished the run with them. One of the beauties of running with the big group on Saturday- lots of differently paced runners. Now if I could pace myself a little better, I'd really be in business. I finished the run averaging under 9 min/miles. (9:09 min/miles = a sub 4 hour marathon...for future reference!)

Our run ended at the beach where the Beach Bum Run 5K was just getting started. I had talked about volunteering, but they had everything under control so I hung out and chatted and watched the finishers.  It was a humid, but pretty day for a 5K. 

Thanks to Mary for letting me use your pictures!!

Tonight I took an easy run down to the beach to watch the sunset by myself. Peaceful start to the week.

Happy Monday!!