Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy March!

Miles yesterday: 0, gentle flow yoga
Miles in 2013: 172.57 miles

This past month was a blur. If it wasn't for this little space on the internet, I'm pretty sure I would have no clue what I did with myself for the last 28 days. I'm not pregnant and I still am gainfully employed, so I couldn't have gotten into too much trouble. But let's revisit those monthly resolutions, shall we?

  • Stop cussing. - I'm trying, I'm really am. But Larry would tell you I am failing miserably. I gave up diet coke for Lent. This is the longest I have gone without ever. That has to mean something, right? No? Didn't think so...

  • Raise some $$$ for the Girls on the Run: I am a GOTR Soulmate and loving being a Running Buddy. This month I will get to go to practice with my buddy to get ready for our 5K. Check out my donation page  here and please consider donating! I signed up for the Chicago marathon and will be raising money for that race as well as the one in Nashville. 
  • Running recovery. Run smarter, listen to my body, stretch, and ice. Mission accomplished this past month. More quality runs, good recovery, icing, Biofreeze, and even a stretching....well a little. I even busted out my foam roller. I am feeling great going into back to back weeks of half marathons.

  • Incorporate weightlifting into my regular schedule. Do it every week. No excuses.  I have gone every week faithfully and increased my weight. I didn't go this week because of time constraints but fit in an hour of yoga instead. Plus 2 half marathons in 8 days...I am ok missing lifting this week.
  • Start going to yoga. Regularly. Does once count?? Will. get. better. Suggestions on online/DVDs for yoga?! Let me know!
  • Stick with my plant based diet. This just gets easier and easier. We are eating really well and I haven't missed meat at all.

  • 5-6 posts per week. Done and done!
Two months and I haven't slacked too much. I am looking forward to March. Hopefully 2 more half marathons, Naples Craft Beer Festival, St. Patrick's Day, and March Madness. Wait til you see how I am hydrating tomorrow for the race Sunday.....Happy Friday!