Monday, March 4, 2013

Hooters to Hooters Half Marathon

Miles Friday: 3.09 miles, 26:06 min
Miles yesterday: 13.2 miles, 1:59:51
Miles in 2013: 188.86 miles

I woke up at 4:45 AM on Sunday morning to rain and forty degree weather. Larry offered to drive my up to the race (about 40-45 minutes) and proceeded to laugh at me the entire ride. He was planning on staying warm and dry and sleeping in the car, while I ran. 

To be fair, I did wear my rain boots over my compression stockings. I laughed about that, too. A little. Mostly, I just thought about getting back into bed and saying I slept through my alarm. (Would have been legit - we spent all day Saturday at the Naples Craft Beer Festival. Too much fun!)

We got to the start and picked up my bib and debated about how many articles of clothing I needed to stay warm for 13 miles. (Answer: ear warmers, compression stockings, running skirt, one dry fit long sleeve.) THANK GOD, the rain stopped before the start and stayed away the rest of the morning. 

Is it me or do my feet look abnormally large??

I met some girlfriends at the start and planned on running with them most of the race.

We ran into more friends right after mile one and stayed with them for the next few miles. I wasn't sure I could actually keep up, but at mile 6 decided to slam a gel and go ahead. Mile 7/8 were over a good sized bridge into North Fort Myers and back. Going over it the first time sucked. Hard. The second time wasn't as bad, but good lord, I need to do some hill work before Nashville. 

After the bridge, I was feeling good, but knew I needed (and had it in me) to pick up the pace.  I put in the music at mile 9. Every one of my last 4 miles was faster than the last, and I finished the race strong. Too strong. 

I missed a PR by one minute and definitely could have run faster. I had a great time, but just a tiny pissy that I didn't finish under 1:58:00. SO CLOSE.

In front of the band setup. 

Look how cute he is with those new glasses on...

Best part of the Hooters to Hooters Half marathon: free beer (and wings) afterward. A big group of runners from Naples made the trip up and a bunch of people had great races. We all hung out for beers afterward and chatted all things running, eating, training, etc. Met some new people and hope to get to train with some new people soon! Could not have had a better morning. So much fun. 

Yay for beers and sweat pants!

Jake and I ran together for the first few miles of the race. Notice his Ironman jacked. Badass.

Things got weird when a big bus of half naked hot hockey players jumped out and started running around.  

Thanks Leigh for the picture!

They were the newest members of the Everblades Hockey Team and I think this was part of their team initiation. Works for me...

As for the race itself, I heard people complaining about the course, but I actually really enjoyed it.  The first half of the race was through nice neighborhoods on the water. The bridge was tough but afterwards, the race flew by. There were not many straightaways and the whole course was well supported. Other than spilling and entire cup of water on myself at mile 4, I thought everything was great for a smaller, local race. Would definitely do it again!

The whole group of Gulf Coast Runners at the finish line. Love it!