Monday, March 11, 2013

Life Lessons

Miles Friday: 1.94 miles, easy. I even convinced Larry to come along
Miles Saturday: 13.2 miles, 2:00
Miles Sunday: 0, Gentle Flow Yoga.
Miles in 2013: 216.14 miles

Annnnnd back to Monday. And the weekend was an hour shorter. At least it will be lighter out later, so I don't have to sprint home in fear of the dark and Naples drivers on my evening runs.

We had a great weekend full of highlights. Friday night (after begging and convincing Larry to run with me) we went to our good friends' house for dinner and drinks. We (Girls on the Run) totally flocked them while we were there.

Aside from the flocking, we spent a bunch of time talking and laughing about running. (Our close friends just finished an 8K in February!!! I am trying to convince the group to do the Run for the Music 10K with me in April) We laughed mostly about GI issues running and the close calls that have happened in the past few years. I enjoyed my fabulous mojitos and got home early to run with GCR early on Saturday. 

 I woke up at 5:15 AM and got ready to run. I am sick of the oatmeal, walnut, raisin Cliff bars and decided to switch it up to a Gnu orange-cranberry bar. Here is where the lesson part kicks in. Do not eat anything that states "48% of your daily fiber" before a 10+ mile run. Bad news bears. You will regret this. Tremendously. I even saw the package and thought about it, but it was 5:30 AM and I was running late. I am not smart. Hopefully I can save someone else. 

I started out with some friends for a few miles and then decided to pick up the pace a little and ran by myself for a while. I was keeping about an 8:50 average pace, and was feeling great. Until about mile 7. My stomach dropped. Yikes. After all the laughing and joking about having an accident on a run last night, now this happens. Needless to say, my pace slowed a little, and THANK GOD I made it to Naples pier in time. There were prayers involved. They were answered. Phew.

The rest of my run went well. I ended up back in my neighborhood at about mile 13, and instead of running another couple of miles, decided to go home and get the day started. 

The face of relief. 

I had been excited for the last 6 months about Saturday night. We had tickets to see and to meet...

Oh hello boyfriend.

Yes, Tim Tebow. He was speaking in Naples. This is actually the second time I have met him. (Yeah, we are totally old friends at this point) We met him again and got our pictures together, but they were very strict about no cell phone pictures, so I will post that picture when we get it. Here is the picture from before. 

He was interviewed by Dave Shula (who was pretty great too). He spoke about his childhood, family, high school, professional career, faith, and of course, the gators. It was wonderful to hear Tim speak again. Anytime I hear someone talk about good times in Gainesville, I get all excited.

Yes, he spoke about his faith, which is a huge part of who he is. He did not speak a whole lot about his professional career or what the future holds. Tim also spoke all about his foundation and charities. He is building a hospital in the Philippines, has built numerous rooms in children's hospitals, and does lots of work with orphans across the world. Pretty impressive. 

Regardless of your opinion of him, he is well spoken and his message is a good one. Total bonus, after dinner, he answered questions from the audience and sat there and looked hot in a suit.

Thanks to Rebecca and Jon for the tickets!

We finished the evening with a bottle of wine from one of our favorite wineries in Napa.  Fantastic Saturday night!