Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Madness and Laziness...

Miles today: 0, rest day
MIles in 2013: 249.17 miles

Happy March Madness! Even in the first few games my bracket is beating Larry's and that just makes me happy.

GO GATORS! And because they are local and I have them upsetting Georgetown, Go FGCU!

Today I had all intentions of running a few miles and going to Group Power. Then today actually happened. Patients, crazy people, and no rest. I am absolutely exhausted. I haven't taken an afternoon/evening and done nothing in a very long time. I have run 3 half marathons in 4 weeks and put in lots of miles every week.

I started to feel guilty about taking an afternoon and laying on the couch and flipping between basketball and RHOBH reruns. Then I thought about how hard I have been working and how genuinely tired my body is. I don't feel guilty. I need rest and my feet (and knee) need a break. And it feels really (really) good.

I need to put together a plan for training the next few weeks and book hotel rooms for Chicago. (People who have run it before - where is the best place to stay??) I also need to update my race pages, and fold laundry, but for now I am cherishing every minute of laziness on the couch with Bailey.

This also came today:

And yes, we planned on matching for the picture.