Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Marco Island Half Marathon Recap...tomorrow

Miles Thursday: 4.51 miles, 400s on the treadmill
Miles Sunday: 13.3 miles, 2:02:09 
Miles yesterday: rest day
Miles in 2013: 244.06 miles

Holy crap, Naples season and tax season are upon us. Lar-bear and I are a hot mess and have not had time for anything outside of work and sleep...and eating. Thus, blogging has not gotten done. (nor has laundry, cleaning, or any outside house work, etc) 

Right now a glass of wine followed by bed is taking priority. Will do a full race recap and awesome weekend recap tomorrow. According to my favorite blogs, Facebook, and Twitter everyone and their mothers were racing this weekend. Seems like a huge PR weekend for a ton of people. (Not including myself, sadly) So congrats to everyone who raced and PR'ed on Sunday! Will be sharing all the highs (few), lows, and lessons of my race in the AM. 

Hello, love.

No matter how bad the day, that face gets me every time.

Good night y'all!