Monday, April 8, 2013

10K PR and Race Recap!

Miles Saturday: 1.0 mile warm up, Group Power class
Miles Yesterday: warm up, 6.25 miles, 54:55 minutes
Miles in 2013: 291.65 miles

Yep, Yep! You read that right, PR today at the Run for the Music 10K! What a gorgeous morning for a race. That nasty weather from Thursday turned into cool, dry perfect weekend weather. I wouldn't say my race was perfect, but I was pleased. 

Saturday, I volunteered at the race packet pickup.

Sadly, my sunglasses broke, and I spent the afternoon squinting. Hello, crows feet.

Saturday night my prerace dinner consisted of appetizers, potato salad, but mostly birthday cake from the 30 year old's birthday party. Nothing like a prerace sugar high. 


My other brilliant idea for Saturday was to do a little "light" lifting at Group Power. I missed lifting earlier in the week and really wanted to get it in. Apparently, I also wanted to start the race off being as sore as possible. No joke. What can I say, um... I like a challenge? 

I woke up and the morning was gorgeous. Perfect running weather. I ate my toast with butter and strawberry jelly, got to the race early, and got my chip. I chatted with friends and did a slow warm up around the Philharmonic for about 10 minutes. Before the race, members of the orchestra played the Star Spangled Banner. So beautiful and moving. Gets me every time. I wished I had taped it or at least taken a pic with my phone but my friend Shawn was holding it for me while I ran.  

My beautiful (and tall) friend, Jane, and I at the start line

My only issue with the start was the lack of announcement of the start. One second I was chatting with the people next to me, the next second, people were running. A countdown would have been a nice addition. 

I started out the race a touch faster than I probably should have and pulled back a little in the second mile. There were musicians all along the course. Like I said in the last post, the race is an out and back route. I run this area occasionally to train, so I am pretty familiar with it, but somehow during races it seems deceptively long. 

Thanks Mary for the picture!
Members of the Youth Orchestra 

I put in my music at the turn around and focused on keeping my pace. The whole race felt hard, but I never had any knee pain. Mile 5 was my hardest (and unfortunately slowest - 9:03 min) but I  really tried to push that last 1.2 miles. I finished in 54:55 for my fastest 10K race so far. 

Like I said, pleased, but I would have really liked to be 52-53 minute range. Next time!

The girls, post race. Thanks Leigh and FitNation Magazine for the pic!
Note to self- put some makeup on before leaving the house...the world will thank you...

Carrabba's cooked up a ton of food for the runners after the race, but pasta with marinara sauce just wasn't appetizing at 8:30AM. I did score a free bruschetta coupon though.

Instead, we all celebrated with mimosas afterwards. Much easier on the tummy!

Yay! Thanks Joe!

One last thing before I forget, Tomorrow is one of the best days of the year because it is Ben & Jerry's FREE CONE DAY!!!! Go for a run and then treat yourself! I know I will...