Sunday, April 14, 2013

7 Mile Bridge Run Weekend 12 Hours

Miles today: 2.1 miles, easy
Miles yesterday: 6.86 miles + warm up, 1:05:19
Miles in 2013: 311.25 miles

I can't even believe the weekend over. Friday at 5:30 I was pretty sure we were never going to get down to the Keys. I had an emergency at work (thank you Jon for taking over) and I was not packed and we had to drop off Bailey girl to my parents house.

At least I am compressing while looking cute, rushing around, and getting into the car to drive for 3 hours.

We got on the road around 6PM, stopped in Key Largo for dinner, and crashed early at our hotel in Marathon.

We woke up and got going early to get our bibs at the start. Although we were at the "host" hotel, we missed packet pickup on Friday and had to drive about 6miles to the start. 

We left the hotel at 6:15AM and were at the start within 20 minutes.
Packet Pick Up

Gorgeous Keys Sunrise

Parking and packet pickup was quick and easy. And luckily our favorite people parked DIRECTLY in front of our car!!

We got to the start quickly and chatted until the gun went off. The start was super clustered and our first mile was crowded and dodge-y.

The bridge bounces with 2000 people on it, which made things even more interesting. At one point I actually wondered if you could get sea sick on a bridge. It was like running on and a trampoline - such a weird sensation. 

I tried to take pictures throughout the race because it was so beautiful. Some came out better than others...

I ran the whole race with Larry. I am so ecstatic that tax season is winding down and we can start running together again. I have missed my running partner! 

 The big bridge is about 2.5 miles into the race. I was nervous about it, but the grade actually wasn't too bad. The bridges in the Hooters Half and the Marco half were much steeper. The bridge just is very long. At one point I thought we were never going to reach the top. 

The 7 Mile Bridge Run honestly was one of the best supported races I have every run. There were tons of water stops, volunteers with wet sponges and fresh fruit. There were tons of paramedics and medical support all along the course. 

Larry had not run since January and had a tough time in the 80 degree, 100% humidity weather. I was so glad we spent the race together and crossed the finish by each others' side.

Like the rest of the race, the finish had tons of water, fruit, and medical support. The views weren't too shabby either.

As with any great race, we celebrated appropriately at the end.

The race shuts down the entire 7 Mile Bridge for only a very short time. The race course is only open for a hour and a half. A bus follows the runners and if it catches you, you get on the bus. Getting back to the start was super easy and quick. School buses were running back every 5 or so minutes. 

When we were getting on the bus a cop stopped us and said no open containers (i.e. Budwisers) on the bus. All four of us stopped and backed away from the bus. The cop started laughing and said, "Gotcha!" We all laughed and got onto the bus. Yeah, I freaking love the Keys. 

Back at the start, we got to meet the original race director and people that have been organizing the race for over 30 years. So cool. 

Larry and I had to rush to check out of our hotel by 11AM. We hit the road and headed back to Naples so Larry could get back to work. Such a fun few hours! Looking forward to next year already!!