Monday, April 29, 2013

Country Music Marathon Expo & an Olympian

Miles today: rest day 
Miles in 2013: 355.33 miles

I arrived in Nashville Thursday night. Within 30 minutes was reunited with one of my closest friends and headed out to sample local beers and check out the scene on Broadway. (Is it weird that since I am obsessed with Nashville the show, that I was somehow even more excited??) The bars we hit up had great music and delicious beers. 

We turned it in a little early to rest up for the expo and race weekend ahead. Friday morning our whole group arrived. We hit up Puckett's Grocery and Restaurant for lunch.

I am a BBQ sauce connoisseur and this was damn good BBQ sauce. My BBQ veggie burger was out of this world. So were the fried green tomatoes. 

The expo was directly across the street so we walked over around 2. It was already crowded, but we managed to pick up my fave energy gels and some new CEP compression stockings.

We got our race packets and shirts and headed out to explore. Full disclosure, I only cared about meeting Kara Goucher. I saw on Facebook that she was going to be at the expo from 3-5PM. I was BEYOND excited to see her. 

Kara is a professional runner/marathoner. She has been a pro for over 12 years and ran for the U.S.A in the London Olympics. Recently, she came in 6th at the Boston Marathon. She is an insane athlete and I am a (huge) fan.

Nissan guy photobomber. Me geeking out and mumbling how awesome she is. 

Please, please, please let some of her speediness brush off on me! 

Kara did a Q&A session and then people could ask her questions. She was very well spoken and could not have been nicer. One of the major highlights of my weekend!

And THEN- she was willing to take group shots with us!!! I die. 

The expo was huge and there were some great memorials and support for the people and runners of Boston. 

When we signed the boards, there were about 6 full boards already.

 Besides meeting one of my heroes, the greatest part about Friday was seeing some great, old friends and meeting a few new ones. 

We all went out to dinner at City House

When our cab pulled up, I was confused where the restaurant was. It is so unassuming, but you walk into a bustling room that smells like heaven. Seriously amazing. The kale salad and pizza with anchovies, cauliflower ragu, garlic, pecorino, and chilies were out of this world, and a great base for the race. (Our resident foodie took some amazing pics, but I don't have them to post yet....) If I could eat that kale salad everyday I would.

After dinner Becky and I went on a mission for trash bags for the morning and stumbled upon  great rain ponchos (and chocolate chip cookies). All good signs for things to come on Saturday...