Thursday, April 11, 2013

Crazy, Thankful Thursday

Miles today: 4.52 miles, 400s x 6 on the treadmill (5:45AM), & 2.12 miles, easy (7:30PM)
Miles in 2013: 302.29 miles 

I woke up this morning like a kid on Christmas. And not because I had a date with the treadmill to do a little speed work at 5:40AM. This is the first morning I have done speed work, usually I reserve that kind of fun for the afternoons. I did not eat a thing before hitting the 'mil and it definitely affected how I felt. I hate eating anything that early, but will be changing up the routine in the future. Last run before the 7 Mile Bridge Run

I woke up excited because I have been working hard on a little side project that just came out this morning. I was a little hesitant to post about it, but frankly am too excited not to mention it.

A few weeks ago, I was approached to write for a new magazine and website in Florida called Fit Nation. I love all the people I have met so far and am super excited about both the website and magazine. It is an amazing way for athletes and people around Florida (and hopefully the US) to meet and interact.  You can check out my first article here!

I have been cautiously excited and overly anxious about my article running on the website. It can be slightly terrifying putting your work out there in internet land. Then again I post on in my tiny corner of the internet on a daily basis about eating a cupcakes and whole bags of candy. Regardless, I am thrilled for the opportunity and have already met a bunch of great people who are full of passion for what they do.

I also am super excited for two of my favorite people. My friend Heather finished a 10 mile race this past weekend and just signed up for her first half marathon. She is going to be amazing and I am so proud of her! Maybe my #6 for 2013???

Annnnnd two weeks from today I am flying to Nashville to meet  up with this girl to run the Country Music Half Marathon!! CANNOT FREAKING WAIT.

I celebrated the end of the day with a couple more miles to the beach for sunset.

Cute old men don't know how to use a camera phone, FYI. So sweet of him to try though.

Happy almost Friday!!!