Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy belated Easter, Happy April Fools, and all that jazz....

Miles Friday: 6.2 miles, 57 minutes
Miles yesterday: 2.13 miles, 18:34 min
Miles in 2013: 273.24 miles

Hope everyone had a phenomenal Easter weekend! We had a spectacular Easter morning and relaxing (with the exception of the GOD AWFUL Gator basketball game) afternoon. Larry and I (yes he left the cave that is his office to venture out into the sunlight) took a short, but pleasant run Easter morning to where we left our bikes the previous evening. Knowing my complete lack of coordination on a bike, I refuse to ride after dark. Especially after a glass or two of wine. See, I am getting wiser in my old age!

Although, look at the coordination it took to take this pic, while riding my beach cruiser!

Anyway, we ran to our bikes, grabbed a coffee and took a lil' beach cruise in the gorgeous, springtime weather. Seriously, the weather in Florida could not have been better. 

Larry tried to get a pic of my Girls on the Run "Go to your happy pace!" shirt 

This has been a WEEK, and the amazing weather definitely helped lift more than one mood. As I said in a previous post, I had an ill family member and was really focusing on spending time with and supporting my parents. My grandfather peacefully passed away on Wednesday at the age of 87. I debated writing about this at all on the blog, but it has deeply affected us all and our busy lives. Needless to say, my running schedule has fallen off in the past couple of weeks. I'm not worried about it and will be fine. My 10K time is no where near as important as the time I spent with our family these past weeks.  

I did get to sneak one very peaceful, reflective run in on Good Friday before the memorial reception. It was a cool, but brilliantly sunny Naples morning, which was exactly what I needed. 

I took my time and just enjoyed the quiet scenery. 

I walked the pier and tried desperately to get a pelican to pose for a pic. Damn birds. 

I tried to coordinate my run with my mom, but we missed each other. Sometimes you need a run alone. But even more so now, I will cherish every run we get together. 

The rest of Friday and Saturday were a complete blur, but thankfully I got in those miles. And thanks to all our friends for all the loving support!